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Invisible mannequin image editing services for high-volume e-commerce studios


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Effortless Ghost Mannequin Images

Ghost mannequin images are the perfect addition to any e-commerce content strategy. The invisible effect of the mannequin gives life to apparel. And using mannequins can reduce the cost and time of using live models.

The ghost mannequin effect is achieved by taking multiple images of a product and combining them in post-production. Using a ghost mannequin service takes over the tedious work of expertly combining the different images into one product image.

Optimize Your Workflow with Tech House 71 Technology

We’ve streamlined the ghost mannequin process, including making uploading and combining images easy for you. You can upload your invisible mannequin images in the following ways:

  • FTP upload large orders, with filename rules for combining images
  • API integration with your enterprise-level studio software
  • Upload manually to the Tech House 71 Platform and manually select file combinations

Concerned about the learning curve of our Tech House 71 Platform? Don’t worry, we’ve spent years making it intuitive. Getting started is as simple as signing up and uploading your images.


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Why Use A Ghost Mannequin Service?

Whether you are a growing studio or a high-volume studio, the use of invisible mannequin photography techniques can benefit your studio. Some benefits include:
  • Increase content production
  • Easy color calibration
  • Requires less support staff
  • Diversify product detail page
  • Boost sales
  • Customer satisfaction

Perfect Color Matching Between Model and Mannequin

Getting the perfect color match between mannequins and model images can be tricky and time-consuming. By using the mannequin setup for color calibration your model studio won’t be slowed down by recalibrations. Then just send us your reference image, and let we’ll apply the color correction to both model and mannequin images. You’ll save time, effort, and money while still getting perfect color-calibrated product images!

You Have Questions,
We Have Answers

A Ghost Mannequin Service, also known as a Neck Joint Service or Invisible Mannequin Service, is a photo editing service provided by image editing companies that specialize in this popular e-commerce technique (the ghost mannequin effect). The fashion item (for example, a shirt) is photographed on a mannequin, and the image editors remove the mannequin and merge another image of the interior (the neck insert) to create a 3D look of the product, without the distraction of a mannequin or model.
First, the price should be fair, between $1.50USD and $3 per ghost mannequin image. Higher prices indicate the photo editing agency is not skilled in the ghost mannequin effect, needing more time (cost) to do the work. Secondly, find out if the company has high-value customers trusting their work, such as top fashion brands. The best ghost mannequin services will provide both FTP bulk uploading and an online uploading platform with an optimized process for rejecting images if they do not meet your standards (and rejected images should be re-worked and sent back to you on the same day). Lastly, find out if the agency specializes in fashion e-commerce retouching, or does the company also offer services such as wedding, real estate, and portrait retouching which indicates they may not be specialized in the ghost mannequin effect.

Tech House 71 offers same-day delivery in less than 3 hours for Enterprise customers and next-morning delivery for professional customers. You can log in to self-service in our online platform, or talk with our Customer Success team to set up FTP bulk uploading, in which you can create your own filename rules for ghost mannequin combining.

Maximize The Efficiency Of Your Mannequin Studio

You’re looking for the best quality, the best price, and the fastest delivery times. Image retouching shouldn’t be a bottleneck in your process. Tech House 71 is more than a retouching service, we work closely with studios to optimize their workflows. Ghost mannequin image editing is one of our specialties. We combine AI technologies with expert human editors and a carefully designed quality assurance process. We can even deliver your invisible mannequin images back to you on the same day with our Flow retouching.


Why Tech House 71 For Ghost Mannequin Services?

We’ve been doing this for a few years now (well actually a decade!). We know a thing or two about the ghost mannequin technique and how important it is to get it just right. We also know that on a rare occasion you’ll get a not quite perfect image. If a product image doesn’t live up to your standards we make it easy to make notations and reject the image all within the Tech House 71 Platform. No need to download the image or even open up your email. We’ll make the correct edits and get your image back to you all at no extra cost.

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