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Flow Retouching
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What Is Flow?

What Is Flow?

“Flow Production” is a fundamental concept rooted in Lean manufacturing methodologies, emphasizing efficiency and continuous workflow improvement. The principles of Flow Production have found significant application in various industries, and one such adaptation is in the realm of digital photo editing services, known as “Flow Retouching.” At Tech House 71, we have seamlessly integrated these Lean principles into our operations, resulting in a highly effective and streamlined lean retouching approach.

Understanding Flow Production:

Flow Production, initially pioneered in the manufacturing sector, primarily focuses on the efficient, smooth, and continuous movement of work through the production process. The essence of this principle lies in minimizing waste, optimizing resources, and enhancing productivity by promoting a ‘one-piece flow’ approach. Unlike traditional batch processing, where work is done in large quantities and passed from one stage to another, one-piece flow aims to complete each unit before moving on to the next, promoting efficiency and reducing work in progress.

How Does Flow
Retouching Work?

How Does Flow
Retouching Work?

Flow Retouching: The Tech House 71 Approach:

At Tech House 71, we have taken the concept of one-piece flow from manufacturing and implemented it seamlessly into our retouching services. Flow Retouching, as we like to call it, aligns with the Lean principle of minimizing waste and enhancing efficiency by focusing on individual image retouching in a continuous and seamless manner. Each image is meticulously handled and perfected before swiftly moving on to the next, ensuring optimal attention and precision at every step.

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How Our Client Reduced Lead Time by 87%

We no longer have over deadline product, so no it’s about what we can do within the SLA - which is super fun.

Who Is Flow Retouching For?

Flow Retouching is ideal for any retailer or studio that is on tight deadlines or is processing high volumes of images and products. Flow Retouching is not restricted to specific levels of retouching. We are able to process your images to your exact brand specifications and deliver them back to you in as little as 10 minutes.

Why Choose Flow Retouching at Tech House 71?

  1. Optimized Efficiency: By adopting a one-piece flow approach in our retouching process, we optimize efficiency and reduce turnaround time, ensuring swift delivery of high-quality retouched images to our clients.

  2. Exceptional Quality: Our Flow Retouching method allows for dedicated focus on each image, enabling our experts to deliver exceptional quality and attention to detail in every retouched photograph.

  3. Minimized Waste: Through a streamlined flow of work and a focus on one piece at a time, we minimize wastage of resources and time, ultimately resulting in cost-effective solutions for our clients.

At Tech House 71, we’re dedicated to offering cutting-edge Flow Retouching services that embody the principles of Flow Production. Experience the benefits of efficient, top-tier image retouching that aligns with Lean methodologies. Join us in this journey of transforming your images seamlessly and delivering the best possible results for your visual content. 

In conclusion, our Flow Retouching approach embodies the principles of Flow Production, optimizing efficiency, ensuring exceptional quality, and minimizing waste. Discover the benefits of this seamless, Lean-inspired process at Tech House 71. Experience image retouching like never before – efficient, precise, and visually compelling. Join us in this journey of transforming your images seamlessly and delivering the best possible results for your visual content. Learn more about our Flow Retouching services and how they can add value to your brand’s visual narrative.


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Lower Cost
“We were able to reduce our current expenditures by 40% over prior year, without affecting image capacity and lead-time.”


Sr. Director of Creative Services


Sales Lift
“As high as a 12 percent lift in add-to-cart… It’s definitely allowed us to increase what we can do in the studio.”


Sr. Digital Marketing Manager


Faster Delivery

Tech House 71 has helped us be more competitive by reducing our studio-to-web lead times and has enabled us to sell multichannel.”


Director of Technical Operations

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